Electronics Recycling is a Tall Order for the IDS Center

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Electronics Recycling is a Tall Order for the IDS Center 

We think big at OceanTech, especially about electronics recycling. In fact, we think so big that we attract big customers like Minneapolis’s tallest office tower; the IDS Center, which has chosen OceanTech as their partner for electronics recycling for all tenants and their businesses.

electronics recycling

The IDS Center offers a variety of tenant services, including office product recycling, paper shredding, and electronic recycling. The building has received numerous awards for environmentalism and energy efficiency, and their efforts at encouraging buildingwide recycling are just one reason why.

OceanTech is thrilled to serve as the official partner for electronics recycling at the IDS Center, and each year during Earth Week we remove thousands of pounds of computers and other office equipment that are no longer needed at this icon of the Minneapolis skyline.

Working with large partners, like the Inland Real Estate Group, which manages the IDS Center, is an important part of our business at OceanTech. Partners like Inland appreciate how we handle the groundwork that makes an electronics recycling event successful by supplying educational and promotional material for their tenants and helping to promote computer recycling. Inland provides us with a location and encourages participation in
this annual event, paving the way for our team to handle computer removal and other equipment recycling.

Whether your business is housed in a huge office tower or a small storefront, OceanTech wants to be your electronics recycling partner. For more information, visit oceantechonline.com, or call us at 612-331-4456.