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Computer Disposal Minnesota

When Minnesota schools upgrade their computers, their budgets take a big hit.  That’s why the smartest school districts partner with OceanTech to recover some of the value of the equipment they are retiring.

OceanTech handles electronics and equipment recycling for more than 60 school districts throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.  School districts recycle because they understand that there is retained value in computers they no longer need.  They also appreciate the “one call does it all” way that we work.

When an administrator from a school district contacts OceanTech, it’s because they are interested in getting the most value for the equipment they no longer need.  Many have considered selling their old computers online or to staff, until they realize what a massive job it is and how difficult it can be to ensure that sensitive student or district data is effectively destroyed.  Most administrators quickly realize they need help from the experts, and once they find us, a true partnership is born.

Minnesota school districts and Wisconsin school districts also are appreciative of our “no charge policy.”

When we work with public education organizations, our services for pick-up and collection are free.  We provide the district with guidelines for packing and palleting their equipment, then we show up, catalog it, and take it all away.  Once we’ve had a chance to inventory and inspect the equipment and determine its value, we write a check to the district.

It’s always rewarding to educate school districts about the value of their outdated equipment.  Helping them with IT assets and computer disposal and hard drive destruction is a service we’re proud to provide.

School districts interested in finding out more about our equipment recycling programs can contact us at 612 331 4456.