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Laptop Recycling for Computers You No Longer Need 

Every company knows that laptops can take a beating. That’s why IT departments are constantly upgrading and replacing old laptops, typically well before they have become obsolete.

There is a resale market for your business laptops, but removing sensitive data and ensuring that proprietary information is disposed of is a major concern, often complicated by regulations that keep many businesses from pursuing the sale.

At OceanTech, data destruction is a major part of the value we bring to our customers.

We buy used laptops, thousands of them every year and we ensure that company data is destroyed and that the destruction is complete before the laptops are refurbished, repaired, and resold to businesses or individuals that need them. That’s why in just a few short years we have become one of the nation’s leading experts in recycling services. When you work with OceanTech, we come to your place of business, survey the laptops you wish to dispose of, and make you an offer on the equipment your business or organization doesn’t need. Our offers typically are higher than everyone else in the business, and that’s because we are experts at data destruction and laptop refurbishing for resale and reuse.

Laptop recycle services are a large part of our business at OceanTech, but we don’t stop there. If your company has high-end, high-value hardware like servers or mainframe computers, we can take those off your hands too. We specialize in electronics recycling with products such as phone systems, printers, LED monitors or televisions are also of value to us, which means there’s an opportunity to make a little money for your business off of equipment that otherwise may just be taking up space.

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