R2 Certified Recyclers In The United States

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The US EPA endorses choosing R2 certified recyclers for recycling used electronics to ensure that they are recycled and managed responsibly. The massive number of electronic devices produced around the world will soon constitute a landfill crisis, with large portions of space being taken up by old, outdated, and broken machines. These often contain toxic chemicals that can infect the environment around them, while the production of replacement pieces continues to drain resources from our planet. Luckily companies like OceanTech are taking the lead in the process of properly recycling and redistributing these resources in an effort to combat these problems.


New cell phones, tablets, laptops, and computers come out every year, making old devices outdated. These are often simply placed into the trash, to be taken to a landfill where they will stay for thousands of years, slowly deteriorating as they infect the soil with metal, chemicals, and other unnatural substances. However OceanTech can stop this process, taking those pieces and giving them a new life in the form of parts, refurbished items, and reclaimed materials.

This is important because the planet only has a limited amount of space and resources that can be claimed. That means that eventually the buy and sell process of tossing old products for new replacements will eventually become untenable. OceanTech’s ability to take these items and infuse them with new life, or break them apart for useful repurposing is the future of electronic waste management, being played out in the present day.

R2 Certified Recyclers

The R2 Standard for Responsible Recycling is the electronics recycling industry’s leading certification. OceanTech undergoes an annual rigorous audit process by a third party Certification Body to maintain this certification. R2 certified recyclers give their clients confidence that their equipment is handled in an environmentally responsible manner, that all data is secure until it is destroyed, and that the health and safety of its workers and the public are protected.

Many cell phones and tablets contain toxic chemicals that are important for them to properly function. When disposed of, these substances can eventually leak out of the phone as it degrades, seeping into the earth and causing serious issues. By using R2 certified recyclers you will ensure that all of your electronic devices are disposed of in environmentally friendly ways that can actually support future manufacturing.

The importance of properly recycling cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices is an increasingly important issue in the world today. By being one of the United States’ quality, R2 certified recyclers, OceanTech is leading the way to the future, helping to heal the earth while also contributing to clean, industrial practices that reuse, rather than simply consume limited materials. At the same time they also help to lower landfill mass and keep harmful chemical agents from infecting ground soil.