Devaluation of the Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor: Upgrade Sooner to Increase Cash Returns

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When dealing with upgrades, businesses will often wait until their computer equipment bites the dust before replacing it with a newer generation. Sometimes this is a more economically sensible option—a fleet of office computers, for instance, can wait until the current machines decline in performance because there is consistent buyout power and a thriving market for refurbished PCs and laptops. However, professional server systems may lose their value once newer models hit the market and the older equipment reaches the end of its life. Intel Xeon Quad Core processors are a common choice for many companies, and while the Quad Core was once the strongest processor available, Intel has since released both 6- and 8-core processors that offer higher performance and reliability. At this point, recycling the obsolete Intel Xeon Quad Core processor will yield no value recovery for the equipment because there is no market for refurbishing that model. It may also actually cost the recycler money in order to avoid sending used Quad Cores to a landfill—a disposal method which more and more companies are realizing is an unethical choice.

Learning from the Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor: Avoid Devaluation

The risk of losing money on an investment in server equipment that will eventually need replacing anyway by waiting until the last minute to recycle it is a harsh reality for companies relying on major server systems. To protect against this, it’s wise for businesses to consider upgrading server equipment before multiple later versions are released and the current equipment is devalued in the same way the Intel Xeon Quad Core processor faced. Not only does this safeguard a business’ value recovery for the old equipment, it guarantees that the equipment will be responsibly disposed of and avoids contributing to the growing problem of electronic waste.

Stay Up-to-Date

Enabling a certified electronics recycler to buyout and de-install used 6- and 8-core processors while they still have worth means the systems can still be turned around and re-sold at a lower cost. In contrast, Intel Xeon Quad Core processors can only be used for scraps before recycling at this point, costing a company out-of-pocket expenses for their disposal. Businesses can keep up with these trends by more closely following prospective releases and market patterns, ensuring a more reliable, economically sound plan for their server equipment before it reaches end-of-life status.