Data Center Decommissioning Best-Practices

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Data Center Decommissioning has become a priority topic for organizations worldwide, especially in the last seven years since many companies have shifted from their own physical data center locations to a hybrid and/or solely cloud model. Enterprise scale data center decommissioning projects happen maybe once in an IT professional’s career, so there’s many questions that arise when attempting to plan such a complex event.

Mike Satter, Vice President at OceanTech, and President at WipeOS, has been chosen as the authority to speak about the best-practices of Data Center Decommissioning at the Data Center World Global conference in Phoenix, AZ. There will be over 1,500 data center professionals attending this premier event. Mike’s topic will dive into the best processes to use when approaching a data center decommissioning project. Key points will be data security, IT asset handling, compliance, vendor certifications, secure chain-of-custody, IT asset value return, logistics, and more.

Mike’s expertise comes from being the primary ITAD and data security planning expert for hundreds of the largest companies in North America that required a partner for data center decommissioning. OceanTech is known for successfully executing the most challenging (size, timeline, number of simultaneous locations, etc.) data center decommissioning projects in places such as San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Jose, South Bay, Northern New Jersey, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, New York City, Phoenix, Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Florida, Minneapolis, Denver, Miami, Salt Lake City, Toronto, and scores more.

This is the first time Data Center World has featured the topic “Data Center Decommissioning” at any of its events. Mike will be joined by a few other speakers including the CTO at Facebook, Vice President of Technology at Apple, and VP of Data Center Services at Google.

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