North Carolina Data Center Decommissioning in Charlotte and Raleigh

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The tech triangle in North Carolina has become a powerhouse of corporate headquarters and global businesses that has led to major growth in both the size and number of the state’s data centers.  Apple, Facebook, CenturyLink, Flexential, Telx, HPE and Sungard all have established huge data centers that, due to the area’s growth, must upgrade regularly to remain competitive.

In Maiden, north of Charlotte, Apple has continued to grow and upgrade its multi-billion dollar presence to support its iCloud and ensure data integrity for millions of customers who rely on their computers, phones, tablets, TV platforms and more.  Apple’s need for data center de-installation to manage its major upgrades, in turn, relies on precision white glove service for equipment upgrades, asset recovery services, data destruction and more.

OceanTech, with its expertise in data center decommissioning in North Carolina, approaches the management of its projects in the Charlotte and Raleigh metro areas with precision and expert knowledge.

The company never outsources, always providing an internal team of project managers, tech experts and logistics professionals who ensure that  this booming technology corridor has the security and support required to manage the growth of Raleigh and Charlotte data centers so they can continue to provide colocation, connectivity and secure cloud solutions.

Supporting data centers in North Carolina was front and center at OceanTech as Hurricane Florence ravaged the area in September 2018.  While data centers like Telx in Charlotte locate in multi-story buildings outside the 100 year flood plain, major storms raise concerns for every data center and the customers who rely on them.

In addition, because server technology advances at a rapid rate, leading edge data centers must upgrade regularly to remain competitive.  More than 2000 customers throughout the country have turned to OceanTech’s data center decommissioning services when it’s time to replace aging servers.  Asset recovery services from OceanTech allow data centers to upgrade equipment while receiving industry leading returns on their aging server investments.

As growth continues, North Carolina data centers have become huge enterprises that seek upgrade partners that can ensure documentation that meets regulatory requirements, as well as technical expertise to flawlessly de-install and re-install server upgrades without missing a beat for the customers who rely on their storage solutions.

Mike Satter and his team at OceanTech has gained its reputation one project at a time, and data centers in Raleigh and Charlotte in need of data center de-installation can be assured that their decommissioning needs will be handled with expertise and professionalism when they work with OceanTech.