Reliability is Key to Denver Data Centers During Decommissioning

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The long winters and heavy snowfalls of the Rocky Mountains are a fact of life in Denver.  Data centers in the Mile High City take this into account when they are constructed, with dedicated, underground fiber and power lines, redundant electrical and security systems and even multiple buildings with separate power feeds to ensure reliability.

When it comes to data center upgrades, de-installations and decommissioning, Denver data centers need help from experts like the team at OceanTech to ensure technical expertise and white glove service that keeps customer data secure without a blip.

The H5 Data Center in the Denver Tech Center is the perfect example of a purpose built facility that serves a Fortune 500 customer base.  It was constructed with diverse utility feeds, independent emergency generators, underground diesel storage and rooftop solar power.

Their security was also designed to the highest level, with motion-sensitive fences, 24/7 security staff on site, and dual authentication security access that includes both biometric and key card entry.

When a data center this sophisticated decommissions equipment, they require the highest level of integrity.  OceanTech never outsources any aspect of the de-installation or decommissioning process, using only highly skilled employees with hundreds of projects under their belts to ensure that everything runs smooth.

One of the most highly valued services in a decommissioning project is asset recovery, which not only allows a data center to recover value from outdated equipment, but includes responsible recycling that makes sure that sensitive data is completely destroyed.  These services can be performed onsite or off, and if assets are leaving the data center, they are logged into a database by serial number, carefully loaded for transport, and all transportation is GPS monitored.  This ensures a secure chain of custody from the data center through to the OceanTech facility.

Denver currently has 37 colocation data centers spread across the city, with locations downtown, in Aurora, in the Denver Tech Center, at Inverness, and in the Highlands Ranch area.  The diverse locations throughout Denver serve the state government, military, banking, telecommunications, education and business entities of this bustling city, as well as the needs of government, military and industry throughout the state and beyond.

For Denver data center decommissioning, there’s no other company that provides the breadth of services and expertise to meet all the requirements and critical reliability procedures than OceanTech.  For more information on a decommissioning project at a Denver data center, contact us today.