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As a technology hub, Seattle is known around the world for being one of the best connected high-tech cities in the U.S.  With stable carriers, huge data centers and seamlessly integrated environments, this is a city with reliability at the forefront of a healthy market with additional room to grow.

With thousands of young technical experts living and working in Seattle, some may find it surprising that data centers in this city still turn to OceanTech for decommissioning services.  There’s a simple reason for that: experience.

It takes more than just an understanding of how servers work and how data centers are cabled to successfully de-install and manage both equipment and data security.  OceanTech technicians are trained in all aspects of data center decommissioning projects, and they have a wealth of experience from hundreds of projects from coast to coast.  This ensures that full plans are developed and protocols and processes are followed, and that is the lifeblood of highly secure facilities.

Professionalism is paramount to a Seattle data center decommissioning project, as is compliance, and understanding all aspects of both is the key to a successful data center de-installation. Mike Satter and his team have become the industry experts in this vertical.  With several multi-disciplinary teams working year-round, OceanTech has no need to outsource, and even the largest projects are executed without missing a beat because of teamwork and experience.

Our full-service data center de-installation services include complete removal of equipment from server rooms and office workstations.  We handle server removal and documentation, removal or wiring upgrades, disassembly of racks (if required), and can provide one of the industry’s best paybacks for retired systems and asset disposition.

Our “no landfill” policy allows for the R2 Responsible Recycling and complete documentation and compliance reporting, and logistics expertise also comes into play with Seattle data center de-installations, so we always include in-house transportation services.  It’s everything you need from start to finish.

Find out more about our services.  Talk to us about our experience, and look to us to manage every aspect of your Seattle data decommissioning project.