Data Center Decommissioning Partner Servicing Arizona is Heating Up

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Phoenix has been growing steadily for decades, and today the capital of Arizona finds itself the fifth most populous city in the country, with nearly 1.7 million people calling Phoenix home.  It’s also a major business and education center, which is why data centers are thriving.  Tucson, while not nearly as large as Phoenix, has several established data centers as well, and the growth in that desert city continues to surge.

Since technology doesn’t stand still, decommissioning services for data centers in both Phoenix and Tucson are experiencing accelerated demand.  While robust servers never quite become obsolete, there are new technology options that have both energy efficient qualities and increased capacity that appeal to businesses in this area.

As a result, OceanTech’s team of data center decommissioning experts are poised and ready to assist with data center decommissioning projects throughout The Grand Canyon State. Mike Satter, VP at OceanTech is well known as the data center decommissioning industry expert and influencer.

Clients choose OceanTech for a variety of reasons, primarily because of experience, which has led to an excellent reputation for seamless and secure data center de-installation projects from coast to coast.

Another major advantage to working with OceanTech on data center decommissioning projects is the fact that the professional technicians and project managers are employees, not outsourced help. As a result, they know what is most important to a growing data center, and that’s ensuring that data remains secure during de-installation and data destruction.  Documentation is also critical, and understanding compliance or regulatory requirements for detailed records of all activities comes from experience.

Data centers that are upgrading equipment can also recoup a large percentage of their hardware investment through OceanTech’s Responsible Recycling program.  Oftentimes, data centers find they have little to no out of pocket costs, because the sale of the retired equipment can often cover the rest of the service fees.

There’s no doubt that Phoenix, Tucson and all of Arizona will continue to thrive in the coming years, and as the economy stays hot, the need for reliable colocation services will also rise.

Establishing a partnership with OceanTech as the go-to source for data center decommissioning of Arizona locations is a wise move, so contact one of our project managers today to find out more about the secure chain of custody, expert technical knowledge and careful handling of client data that has made OceanTech one of the top providers nationwide for data center decommissioning projects.