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Data centers in Las Vegas are growing as fast as the city, handling not only the highly sensitive needs of the city’s world entertainment venues, but also the colocation needs of financial, education, and technology businesses in Vegas and beyond.

Las Vegas is famous for gambling, but one thing businesses will never do is gamble with their technology needs.  One industry leader based in Las Vegas that OceanTech has completed numerous projects at is Switch, which is known within the data center world as one of the most innovative and fastest growing colocation companies.

The core campus at Switch will have more than 5 Million square feet of secure data storage space when completely built out, making it ready to handle growth not only from local clients, but from West Coast and Mountain States customers that seek the latest in technology services.  Unique features include 100% green power and some of the lowest rates in the country.

The Switch Citadel data center (TAHOE RENO 1) east of Reno is the world’s largest data center. OceanTech is the data center decommissioning vendor approved to work at this facility to service clients within the colocation. Mike Satter, Vice President at OceanTech is a well-known influencer and industry expert that has developed a game plan specific to executing data center decommissioning projects in Nevada.

Features like those at Switch attract attention and growth for Las Vegas as a data center locale, and with growth comes change, as hardware becomes more powerful and new server options hit the market.  Decommissioning data centers to help manage this growth has become a growing business.

Leading the charge to provide the absolute best in data center decommissioning services for Las Vegas facilities is OceanTech, which is proud to be one of the most respected data center decommissioning service providers in the United States.

Data security is key, and ensuring that existing equipment is de-installed with expert care is what has made OceanTech a leader in data center decommissioning services.  The company has teams of experts ready to deploy wherever there’s a need for white glove service and reliable secure technology de-installation.

OceanTech also is sought because of its proven procedures for documenting and managing every phase of the process, from initial planning through transportation of equipment.  OceanTech subscribes to Responsible Recycling and offers asset recovery services with returns on investments that consistently beat the competition, no matter where they are.

De-installing a data center in Las Vegas comes with unique challenges, but a thorough plan ensures that old servers are retired, new servers are installed, and no data is ever lost or compromised at any time.

For more information on the complete range of services provided by OceanTech for de-installing a Las Vegas data center, give us a call today.