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Tennessee likes to boast of being “America at its Best,” and with major companies like FedEx calling the state home, there’s a lot of truth in that motto.

Large data centers serving the state’s corporations, music labels and educational institutions benefit from having professional colocation facilities throughout the state, and as business booms, those data centers are growing exponentially.

With growth comes change, and the need for data center decommissioning services in Tennessee requires professional partners like OceanTech, which is known for its full-service, secure data center decommissioning expertise.

With more than 1700 satisfied customers in the U.S., OceanTech has built its reputation on experience, and that experience includes work with some of the most trusted names in the data center industry.

In Tennessee, Nexus is one of the largest and fastest growing names in data center and Internet services. The company has data center facilities in Memphis and Knoxville, as well as a flagship facility in the state capitol of Nashville, with all of their facilities providing collocation, hosting, VPS, data replication and disaster avoidance services.

With major data centers throughout the state, Tennessee is prime territory for growth that requires professional data center de-installation and decommissioning services.  Security is of prime concern, and no one knows the ropes better than OceanTech.

Like data centers throughout the country, facilities in Tennessee find that they can often recoup their decommissioning costs through the asset recovery services offered by OceanTech.  The company is known for offering some of the highest buy-back rates in the country on aging servers and other hardware that is being upgraded to better serve customer needs.

Critical data and business applications are the lifeblood of business, and in Tennessee, data center companies keep pace by partnering with professional decommissioning service providers, with OceanTech being the number one choice.

The professional staff deployed to manage major data center decommissioning and de-installation projects in Tennessee are expert at ensuring a secure chain of custody on every piece of equipment they touch.  With upgrades, outdated servers are carefully de-installed, serial numbers are logged, and data destruction is meticulously documented to ensure compliance is maintained.

OceanTech doesn’t outsource any of its services, choosing instead to employ the most qualified technicians and project managers in the industry.

Find out more about our white glove service for data center decommissioning in Tennessee by contacting OceanTech today.