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Supporting Indiana companies and others in the Midwest region with secure colocation, enterprise class cloud computing, disaster recovery and offsite backup is the goal of every major data center facility in the state of Indiana, and when it’s time to move to a new facility or do major equipment upgrades, it’s important to find a reputable data center decommissioning partner.

OceanTech has developed its reputation as the preferred data center decommissioning solution for American data center facilities through experience working with the industry’s biggest companies throughout the United States.  For Indiana data centers, OceanTech is proud to provide white glove services that are second to none.

It’s especially critical to have an experienced de-installation partner when a lease is coming to an end and a new location is the goal.  Returning a facility to pre-data center condition requires a lot of planning to ensure that the data center de-installation process goes smoothly.  OceanTech’s experienced technicians know what’s required, and they execute flawlessly.

In addition to removing hardware and cabling, cabinets must be de-installed and cooling systems removed.  Data security is critical, as is documentation, and when upgrades in equipment are being made as part of the move, finding a partner willing to assist with asset recovery through the purchase of used equipment is a major bonus.

OceanTech provides all of these services, fulfilling client requests for on- or off-site data destruction based on the specific needs of the facility and offering some of the best buy-back rates on retired equipment in the industry.

Best of all, from a security standpoint, OceanTech never outsources the work.  Whether it’s de-installation of equipment or transportation from one facility to the next, OceanTech provides experienced, dedicated employees who work with Indiana data center management to ensure that every detail is planned and executed.

The secure chain of custody offered by OceanTech is a major reason why the company has become one of the most sought after partners for data center decommissioning in the country.  When equipment is retired, the company provides Responsible Recycling that meets EPA standards and complies with all state and federal regulations.

From Indianapolis to South Bend, data center companies need top quality partners to handle the logistics and technical requirements of a data center de-installation and decommissioning project.  To find out what OceanTech can do for you, contact us today.