Data Center Decommissioning in Georgia Allows for Upgrades and Improvements

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As technology continues to evolve, data centers in Georgia are upgrading to expand their digital footprint and provide cutting edge technology to their customers.  The process of staying current often involves relocation and certainly involves data center decommissioning to retire aging equipment and make room for newer technology.

The Georgia data center market is heavily centered in Atlanta, which continues to be a fast growing technology hub with more than 40 colocation facilities already and even more in the planning stages.

When Georgia data centers decommission, are going through intense growth, and need de-installation of aging infrastructure, they contact OceanTech, which is widely known throughout the United States for its expertise in decommissioning data centers and its reputation for full-service, highly secure de-installation project management.

What Atlanta data centers and those in other Georgia cities like Alpharetta, Carrollton and Columbus have come to find is that OceanTech makes a huge project easy because they handle everything.  That makes it possible for data center companies like Equinix and Cyxtera to grow, relocate and make room for new high power density racks, servers and state-of-the-art equipment that can take them into the future and accommodate the tremendous growth that the state continues to enjoy.

Often most important to growing data center companies is the professional buy-back service that OceanTech offers, allowing for asset recovery that can oftentimes cover the complete costs of the decommissioning services.  OceanTech, in fact, offers some of the highest buy-back rates in the country.

Working with a professional data center decommissioning service provider takes the worry out of the process.  OceanTech not only provides experienced project managers, but also the skilled technicians who can de-install an entire data center without missing a beat.  When retiring servers, data destruction is often required, and that can be performed either onsite or off, with a secure chain of custody and detailed documentation that insures the security of customer data at all times.

If you are responsible for decommissioning a data center in Atlanta or another part of Georgia, you really owe it to yourself to contact OceanTech.  Their expert project teams take care of everything and make it possible for you to upgrade, update and even relocate with ease.