Improved Data Center Cooling Methods

Green Initiatives

Effective data center cooling is achieved by improving the data center cooling configuration and eliminating considerable amounts of energy leaks. IT can result in efficient data centers by following leading practices in data center layout and rack and server arrangements. Effective approaches include:

Green Initiatives In Information Technology 02

It all started back in 1992 when the EPA launched Energy Star, a controlled labeling program that planned to promote and recognize energy efficiencies in monitors, climate control equipment and other technologies. This resulted in the widespread adoption of sleep mode among consumer electronics.

Concurrently, the Swedish organization, TCO Development, launched the TCO Certification Program to promote low magnetic and electrical emissions from CRT-based computer displays; this program was later expanded to include criteria on energy usage, ergonomics and the use of hazardous materials in construction. With time, the IT industry has taken many initiatives towards Green Information and Communications Technology.