Electronics Recycling for Schools

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As if managing IT assets was not challenging enough before, IT managers are now having to support an exponentially increasing number of remote assets. Whereas before they had direct access to your school’s workstations and laptops, now those assets are in people’s homes, but in no less need of service.


The good news is that there are solutions and resources in place to help you. You may not have thought of R2 Certified ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) vendors before, but now these companies are an invaluable resource for you. For experienced IT managers, especially data center managers, R2 recyclers are well-known vendors. The same on-site data destruction or equipment recycling services you are used to, are now available for you to staff working from home. Leading R2 recyclers have programs in place where they ship you a prelabeled box into which you put your computer or peripheral, and send it directly to them.


And remember, no matter how much you wipe and format at home, those intent on recovering data – will. This is where the R2 ITAD vendor comes into play. As these companies constantly take away old IT assets from organizations and their data centers, they are required to not only permanently destroy the data on all hard drives they take in, but also provide a certificate of data sanitization.

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