Who is the best ITAD company for you?

ITAD partner

As the IT industry has grown, so has the number of ITAD Companies. With so many options in can be easy to feel overwhelmed when considering vendors. Most ITAD companies will claim to offer the same level of services. While there may be some differences between the ITAD companies, most vendors appear to be pretty much the same so what questions should you ask to help you sort through all the ITAD Companies?

Ask ITAD companies the right questions:

  1. Do They Have the Necessary Certifications Ask about their certifications and confirm them with the certification providers to ensure they’re still current R2, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications are critical when choosing a vendor.
  2. Will the ITAD Follow Your Policies Stringently? Request information on the regulations your company is subject to such as HIPPA and what procedures they have in place to help you navigate any compliance hurdles you may come across.  An insightful response demonstrates they have worked with companies similar to yours before and will be able to guide you more effectively.