Do you need ITAD during a Data Center Migration?


So you just completed a big data center migration project and now your applications and data are up and running in the cloud. Now, what are you going to do with the leftover equipment, software and data?


Cloud computing providers sometimes pretend migrations are simple, but experts will tell you that the process requires significant planning, documentation and testing. One important component of the process is a secure IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) plan.


There are several ways to handle end-of-life assets. Some equipment may be suitable for internal redeployment. Some may be resold on the used equipment market. Some may be disposed of or donated. Still others may be retained just in case the migration was unsuccessful.


Regardless of the choices you make, you need oversight, documentation and verification of the status of all affected assets. Here is one of the many factors to consider:


Sensitive data may still exist on servers and back-up tapes.  This data must be thoroughly sanitized and the erasure must be verified, even if the server is to be redeployed internally.  Simply formatting hard drives does not delete the data.  Professional ITAD vendors have the equipment and software necessary to wipe that storage media completely.


Cloud migration, like any other IT project, is all about attention to detail. The skills and experience of a professional ITAD firm can help you enjoy the benefits of your new cloud home sooner. OceanTech follows a strict process to ensure data security and complete risk mitigation is achieved and we GUARANTEE that all regulatory/industry compliance requirements are met.