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Is it time to consider ITAD or Recycling? 

What if we said you might be sitting on value you don’t even know is there? Now what if we told you that there is value in the old IT assets and electronics sitting in your IT closet just waiting to be replaced or upgraded?

Trusted a company with data on your devices is scary. Our customers frequently tell us that before they worked with us, data destruction was the MAIN REASON that IT Asset Disposition got delayed and the IT closet filled up. OceanTech’s data sanitization methods guarantee that sensitive data is non-recoverable and in compliance with all industry standards and data destruction regulations.


Recover Value in E-Waste and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

OceanTech’s first consideration is always the greatest – can this asset be reused or repurposed? Many machines and components can have a second life with a few simple upgrades or refurbishments. When this is the case, your assets go from e-waste to re-marketable products. If the equipment does not hold value, you can be assured that it will never end up in a landfill or incinerated.

Sometimes IT Assets are not quite at the end of their lifecycle and don’t need to be destroyed, but are no longer of use to your company. When you use OceanTech for IT Asset Disposition, any and all equipment that still holds market value will be cataloged for reimbursement, sanitized of all data and reset to factory default settings and returned to grade-A condition to guarantee the best possible resale rate. 


Depreciation Timeline

The longer you sit on old IT assets trying to figure out what to do with them, the less valuable they become. In fact, the value of IT assets depreciates quite quickly. In 5 years a $1 million system can be worth less than 10% of that, so the sooner you can work with a reputable ITAD and E-Waste Recycler, the better.

In the long run, it can be a costly decision to refresh and make upgrades to your IT systems in a large company-wide setting. However, we think it’s clear that it can be even more costly when you don’t have the right information to make an informed decision around what to do with your old IT assets.

OceanTech’s IT Asset Disposition and E-Waste recycling programs will have positive effects on both the environment and your company’s bottom line.


Make sure to ask a lots of questions

Make sure to ask a lots of questions

Given the complexities and manpower needs of decommissioning a data center, it’s important to hire a professional who specializes in it.

Do you need an ITAD program

Do you need an ITAD program

The question is not, “Do I need an ITAD program?” You do!

Not only do you need a program, but your program must ensure it includes 100% of devices that company owned, as well as those that are employee or contractor owned and have company data residing on them.

Benefits of Data Center Consolidation

Benefits of Data Center Consolidation

Once you’ve determined you need a more solid platform strategy for your data center,
the next step is to migrate and/or consolidate. To achieve this goal in a timely and secure fashion, it may require the help of an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider, such as OceanTech, that understands the varying dynamics of the data center environment.
off-premises. However, the process of migrating data does open up the possibility of key risks and vulnerabilities. For this reason, it is important to have a robust strategy in place for mitigating the cybersecurity risks during cloud migration.

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