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Large technology companies operate data centers at a scale that’s difficult to imagine, even for those in the industry. New IT assets are what keep these organizations running. On top of the constant need for the latest, cutting-edge hardware, IT leaders in these organizations are keenly aware of the sensitive personal data that will be stored on those assets. 

The Challenges

One such technology company was struggling with balancing the requirement for absolute rock-solid security and compliance with the costs of a short refresh cycle. Despite massive, purpose-built data centers chock full of servers and untold terabytes of customer data, there wasn’t much room (or time) for this organization to keep old tech sitting around. “They needed assets to flow and move out quickly.”

Existing IT staff were being pulled from Implementing or working on new technology solutions to the duty of wiping data-bearing assets themselves before they left the facility. Add to this the expense of securely transporting those assets to the next step of disposition, and the process became yet more costly and time-consuming. The organization didn’t feel comfortable letting un-wiped IT assets leave the data center, and so a more flexible solution was needed.

The OceanTech Solution

OceanTech creates custom-tailored programs that go above and beyond that of the competition. “OceanTech is flexible and can put creative ideas into practice. We can provide a secure on-site data center solution for data wiping – addressing several challenges together in one pass.”

OceanTech can deliver invaluable peace of mind and convenience. “We go above and beyond our competitors with a second quality control verification step for data wipes, and we provide certificates of destruction, along with comprehensive IT asset and compliance reporting. This kind of quality control and reporting is often neglected in the ITAD industry. Our clients appreciate the speed and attention to detail, as well as the personalized service we are able to provide.”


The Results

With the data-bearing assets such as laptops and server disk drives being wiped securely on-site, the assets could be transported with less risk and less cost – eliminating a step in the process. Furthermore, assets were remarketed. OceanTech returns the most value for your retired and/off-lease data center hardware such as servers, network gear, hard drives, components and more. 

The company’s need to securely wipe drives before leaving the facility was achieved, while at the same time reducing overall costs and increasing returned value. Existing staff could now focus on the implementation of new technology, increasing the company’s agility and reducing staffing costs. 

Let’s talk efficiency

Let’s talk efficiency

Inefficiencies in the data center can cause equipment failure leading to downtime. And this
could impact your entire business operations. Knowing what’s in your data center is the first
step toward improving energy efficiencies and reducing costs.

Make sure to ask a lots of questions

Make sure to ask a lots of questions

Given the complexities and manpower needs of decommissioning a data center, it’s important to hire a professional who specializes in it.

Do you need an ITAD program

Do you need an ITAD program

The question is not, “Do I need an ITAD program?” You do!

Not only do you need a program, but your program must ensure it includes 100% of devices that company owned, as well as those that are employee or contractor owned and have company data residing on them.

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