Data Security

OceanTech is dedicated to protecting your data, as well as your clients’ data. In addition to our secure chain of custody from the moment we take control of your equipment, through the transportation of equipment back to our facility, we also offer several levels of security, including data sanitization and/or physical hard drive destruction.

All certified data destruction is performed by full-time, fully vetted OceanTech technicians and is never outsourced, so you can be assured that your data is being handled safely and responsibly.  Our process ensures that all retired assets from your organization are wiped clean of any and all information, virtually eliminating the risk of a costly data breach.

Our Process

Asset Pick-up

Whether you need to retire just a few devices, an entire building’s worth of servers, office work stations, or an entire data center, OceanTech offers a secure chain of custody from pick-up to completion. We offer full-service asset pick-up for those that require it – OceanTech removal crews will de-install, disassemble and safely remove equipment from where it currently sits, loading and transporting it to our facility. Our crews come prepared with everything needed to move large surplus volumes of IT hardware.

Once the equipment arrives at our secure facility, our clients can monitor and keep track of their assets through our secure client portal. Our custom reporting and tracking system allows you to monitor your assets from pick-up to completion.

Data Security

Depending on the level of security and data destruction that is required, we will sanitize any and all data on your assets or physically destroy the HDD/SSD. This is performed by our trained and qualified staff in our state-of-the-art data destruction lab. Our lab is a secure enclosure that is under video surveillance and can only be accessed by select clearance staff members of OceanTech, ensuring the highest measure of safety for your data until it is entirely destroyed.

Ocean Tech will also remove any asset tags or proprietary labels placed on assets by your company in order to protect our client’s privacy.

Our process exceeds all local, federal and international standards and data destruction regulations. We comply with R2 standards for data security, which means that absolutely no data may leave our secure facility without first being overwritten, sanitized or physically destroyed. OceanTech also complies with and exceeds the expectations of the NIST Special Publication 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization as well as the implementation of DoD 5220.22-M standards.

OceanTech destroys data in compliance with the following laws and regulations:
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Payment Card Industry Security Standards (PCI)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
  • Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)
  • Patriot Act
  • Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act
  • FDA Security Regulations
  • All applicable state laws

Here at OceanTech, we utilize a patent pending wiping solution that is consistent in all of our data sanitation and data destruction processes. OceanTech guarantees that sensitive data is non-recoverable. We are extremely confident in our guarantee – we regularly perform Quality Control checks by sending randomly selected equipment to Kroll Ontrack for expert recovery attempts and they have yet to recover any data on any device sent by us for testing.

Certificate of Data Destruction

During the entire process, we track and catalogue your assets. Once the data destruction has been successfully completed, OceanTech will issue a Certificate of Data Destruction to the client that details the make, model, and serial number of each asset that has been secured, sanitized or destroyed.

Any reports and certificates issued by OceanTech may be stored on our secure online portal for client reference or retrieval at a later date.

Data Destruction

If physical destruction is required, we disassemble and shred the storage media according to guidelines outlined by NIST and the media can no longer be used.

Types of media acceptable for shredding include, but are not limited to:
  • Hard drives
  • Solid state drives
  • All disk types
  • Tapes
  • Flash drives
  • Network devices

If you would like to shred something not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss any other items and their options for destruction.

What makes OceanTech Different

Our mission is to create long-term relationships by recovering maximum value for our clients’ IT assets, while mitigating our clients’ risk by eliminating environmental liabilities and ensuring complete data security. In addition to our wide network of remarketing channels and licensed recyclers, which allows us to pay more for your retired assets, we offer convenient, nationwide logistics and full-service arrangements.

OceanTech uses best practices for environmentally friendly and responsible recycling, and we maximize material recovery for re-use. Our proven track record has allowed us to gain trust and grow, and we have serviced clients from small businesses, school districts, universities, Fortune 500 companies, to state and federal government agencies.

Trust the experts at OceanTech to help you retire, re-assign or recycle any company assets in the most effective and secure way possible, we even offer a price match guarantee. Contact us today to request a quote.

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