Value Recovery

As an ITAD provider, OceanTech strives to return as much value as possible for the equipment we are removing. Whether you’re at the end of your lease term and looking for a buyout, or as part of our overall IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services.

Ocean Tech has an extensive network of remarketing channels and licensed recyclers which allows us to pay more for your retired assets.

Value Recovery Options

Computer Liquidation

If your electronic hardware is being replaced, however you believe it may still hold market value, OceanTech will offer to buy your equipment through our computer liquidation program. Whether you have just a few items, or an office full of items, simply reach out and send us a list of the equipment you are looking to liquidate and one of our representatives will provide you with a buyout price. Often, OceanTech is able to offer 2 to 3 times more with their buyout prices than other companies. We also have fast turnaround times on our computer liquidation process.

If you’d like a buyout quote from OceanTech, please send us a list of the following:

  • Quantity of each material
  • Make
  • Model
  • Condition of the equipment

  • Specifications
    • Processor (CPU)
    • RAM
    • Hard Drive

IT Asset Recovery

As part of our overall ITAD services, OceanTech will help you to distinguish between your valuable and non-valuable IT assets. While performing the sorting and testing process, our IT asset recovery experts will assist in maximizing on the value of all retired assets and ensure they don’t end up in the e-waste recycling stream if they can return any credit for you.

Any equipment that still holds market value will be cataloged for reimbursements, wiped clean of any and all data, reset to factory default settings and then returned to grade A condition for the best possible return in the consumer market. Once refurbished, our expert sales team works within our exceptional network to ensure your equipment is sold to the best end-user or IT hardware broker for maximum return in value.

We Do the Work
You Get the Cash

OceanTech will reasonably price-match any manufacturer or leasing company quotes from their buy-back program. This means you receive maximum value returned for used IT equipment including, but not limited to: computers, servers, laptops and tablets.  By going with OceanTech clients save on shipping and processing fees incurred by many manufacturer buy back programs.

We make your IT hardware refresh easier by simply calling us to arrange a pick-up. Unlike manufacturers, we don’t need your original boxing or receipts – OceanTech’s professional and expert teams will show up with all of the tools and equipment required to de-install, de-commission and disassemble even the largest data centers, right down to the floorboards. Our crews will safely remove and load equipment from where it sits and load it into our own trucks.

We’ll handle the logistics and provide a secure chain of custody from pick-up to end-user. OceanTech’s trained and qualified staff will work in our state-of-the-art data destruction lab to ensure there are no traces of any personal or business information remaining on your equipment. OceanTech ensures the highest measure of safety for your data until it is entirely secure and destroyed.

Our experts will evaluate the equipment for maximum reselling value, and if there is no value for your equipment, we ensure it is properly disposed of in the e-waste recycling program. During all of this, OceanTech provides you with the ability to track all of your cataloged equipment through our secure online portal.

Once complete, we’ll provide you with a detailed Certificate of Data Destruction, in addition to reports on each asset that has been secured, sanitized or destroyed, and of course, cash return on any valuable assets that have been sold. Any reports and certificates issued by OceanTech may be stored on our secure online portal for client reference or retrieval at a later date.

What Makes OceanTech Different

Our mission is to create long-term relationships by recovering maximum value for our clients’ IT assets, while eliminating environmental liabilities and ensuring complete data security. We believe that retiring IT equipment shouldn’t be a hassle.

In addition to our wide network of remarketing channels and licensed recyclers, which allows us to pay more for your retired assets, we offer convenient, nationwide logistics and full-service arrangements.

OceanTech uses best practices for environmentally friendly and responsible recycling, and we maximize material recovery for re-use.

Our proven track record has allowed us to gain trust and grow, and we have serviced clients from small businesses, school districts, universities, Fortune 500 companies, to state and federal government agencies.

Trust the experts at OceanTech to help you retire, re-assign or recycle any company assets in the most effective and secure way possible, we even offer a price match guarantee. Contact us today to request a free, no obligation quote, or to set up a free on-site evaluation.

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