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Customers and stakeholders are demanding accountability on climate impact, creating a compelling business incentive to embrace sustainability.  When it comes to climate change, it is time for the data center sector to lead. The massive energy footprint of cloud computing enables the data center industry to drive a global shift to renewably-powered business. 

Almost daily, the urgent need for climate change is written large in headlines – be it, the devastating wildfires on the West Coast or powerful hurricanes along the Gulf Coast. These disasters have been a tipping point in public awareness, driving home the fact that a changed climate is not a future threat, but a current reality. The data center industry is in a unique position to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices and reduce the damage to our changing climate.

Accelerating Green Data Centers

Innovation in energy efficiency and renewable adoption has been driven by the industry’s largest enterprise customers, such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Sustainability is now a front-of-mind concern for all enterprises, small and large, which is raising the bar for the entire industry.

As a leader in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and data center decommissioning it is vital that we meet or exceed all industry standards and data destruction regulations. We do this by maintaining R2: 2013 Responsible Recycling, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certifications.

Mike Satter

President, OceanTech


The Uptime Institute writes, “Regulators, watchdogs, customers and others will increasingly expect operators of digital infrastructure to provide hard and detailed evidence of carbon reductions, water savings and significant power savings — all while maintaining, if not improving, resiliency.” If you like to start a conversation on how OceanTech can help your sustainability and resiliency…

Let’s talk efficiency

Let’s talk efficiency

Inefficiencies in the data center can cause equipment failure leading to downtime. And this
could impact your entire business operations. Knowing what’s in your data center is the first
step toward improving energy efficiencies and reducing costs.

Make sure to ask a lots of questions

Make sure to ask a lots of questions

Given the complexities and manpower needs of decommissioning a data center, it’s important to hire a professional who specializes in it.

Do you need an ITAD program

Do you need an ITAD program

The question is not, “Do I need an ITAD program?” You do!

Not only do you need a program, but your program must ensure it includes 100% of devices that company owned, as well as those that are employee or contractor owned and have company data residing on them.

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