Data Center Decommissioning Best-Practices

Data Center Decommissioning has become a priority topic for organizations worldwide, especially in the last seven years since many companies have shifted from their own physical data center locations to a hybrid and/or solely...

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60 Hudson Data Center (NYC)

When you mention a place like New York City, people typically think of Wall Street, the Skyline, Broadway, the New York Stock Exchange and views of the Statue of Liberty. New York City is an incredible place with constant...

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Equinix SV5

OceanTech wrapped up 2017 with a visit to San Jose, CA and into Silicon Valley for a decommissioning assignment. Equinix Great Oaks campus was the site for this project. This time we were in Equinix's SV5 data center which serves a large concentration of high-tech...

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Mainframe comes Full Circle

Walking into a modern office, you might notice that at the employees’ desks you’ll only find a keyboard, mouse, and a monitor. There’s no docking station – no telephone – no desktop PC. When I first heard of an office that looked like this, I figured the technology...

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Main Frame comes Full Circle

Walk into a modern office and at the desks of the employee you may find just a keyboard and monitor.  No docking stations for a laptop or notebook computer.  No telephone. No desktop PC. When I first heard of an office...

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Chain of Custody

The Chain of Custody is an extremely important document in the Data Destruction process. During the retirement of your office electronics, gone are the days when you could just turn everything over to the company that was hired to remove them and trust it is all taken...

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