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Colocation Companies Help Customers Sell Retired Equipment

When it comes to closing the sale on a new data center customer who is shifting from an in-house data center to a colocation facility, it helps to have partners in the right places.

OceanTech is everywhere you need us to be. With logistics partners throughout North America, we handle asset disposition for colocation companies and their customers

We offer many services:

• Worldwide service and logistics coverage with a guaranteed secure chain of custody.

• Secure data destruction with full documentation.

• Backend documentation such as equipment serial number tracking and audit compliance reporting.

• A convenient online portal for monitoring all of your transactions.

• Certifications that make us R2, ISO 14001, NAID, and HIPPA Compliant.

• We’re EPA Registered and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

• A focus on being green and recycling rather than disposing of used electronics.

If that’s not enough, the primary reason more companies turn to OceanTech for electronics recycling is that we consistently pay as much as two to three times more for used electronics than anyone in the electronics recycling business. We are a sought after source for used electronics, including high-end data center equipment.

If your colocation companies or facility needs a partner to help customers dispose of unused servers and data center equipment, give us a call first at 612 331 4456. We take care of customers better than anyone in the business. Try us out and see for yourself!

Effective ITAD strategies for Data Centers

Effective ITAD strategies for Data Centers

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, businesses frequently encounter the need to retire their data center hardware. Such scenarios often arise when companies decide to shut down all or part of a data center operation. The process of decommissioning a data center is riddled with logistical intricacies, and among these, planning for the disposition of retired assets stands out as a crucial aspect. The dismantling of data center equipment without a well-thought-out strategy for reuse, remarketing, or secure disposal can lead to a host of problems.

Enhance Risk Management with ITAD

Enhance Risk Management with ITAD

Organizations are rapidly transitioning their communication systems, data storage infrastructure, and administrative functions to the digital realm, all in pursuit of maintaining a competitive edge. However, this shift toward a technologically advanced world exposes companies to higher risks of cybersecurity threats and data breaches. In essence, your business’s sensitive data is vulnerable at any given moment. Therefore, a well-rounded risk management strategy must include a robust ITAD plan to mitigate your company’s overall risk.

Enhancing Data Center Sustainability Through ITAD

Enhancing Data Center Sustainability Through ITAD

In the rapidly evolving landscape of data center operations, sustainability has emerged as a paramount concern. One of the linchpins of this sustainability drive within data centers is the practice of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), a multifaceted process that plays a pivotal role in ensuring both ecological responsibility and data security.

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