IT Asset Recovery

Included in any ITAD service package, our IT asset recovery experts will assist in determining the maximum value of all retired assets and return value as credit to you. This also ensures your assets will not needlessly end up in the e-waste recycling stream.

Any equipment that still holds market value will be cataloged for reimbursements, sanitized of all data, reset to factory default settings and returned to grade-A condition to guarantee the best possible resale rate. Once refurbished, our expert sales team works within our exceptional network of trusted consumers to ensure your equipment is sold to the best end-user, or IT hardware broker, for maximum return on your assets.


We do the work – You get the cash

OceanTech will reasonably price-match any manufacturer or leasing company quotes from their buy-back program. This means you receive maximum value returned for used IT equipment including, but not limited to: computers, servers, laptops and tablets. By choosing OceanTech, clients save on shipping and processing fees incurred by other manufacturer buy back programs.

We make your IT hardware refresh easier! by Simply calling us to arrange a pick-up. Unlike manufacturers, we don’t need your original boxing or receipts – OceanTech’s professional and expert teams will show up with all of the tools and equipment required to de-install, de-commission and disassemble even the largest data centers, right down to the floorboards. Our crews will safely remove and load equipment directly from wherever it is located in your facilities for secure transport back to the OceanTech facility.

We’ll handle the logistics and provide a secure chain of custody from pick-up to end-user. OceanTech’s trained and qualified staff will work in our state-of-the-art data destruction lab to ensure there are no traces of any business or personal information remaining on your equipment. OceanTech ensures the highest measure of safety for your data through the entire process until it is destroyed.

Once complete, we’ll provide you with a detailed Certificate of Data Destruction, in addition to reports on each asset that has been secured, sanitized or destroyed ;you will receive a cash return on any valuable assets that have been sold. Any reports and certificates issued by OceanTech may be stored on our secure online client portal for client reference or retrieval at a later date.


Equipment that still holds market value is cataloged to make sure you get as much value back for your equipment as possible.


Our expert technicians make sure that all hardware bound for re-sale is wiped clear of all data and reset to factory default settings.


Once your retired assets have been refurbished, our expert sales team will make sure that your equipment is sold to the correct end-user in order to recover maximum value

R2 Recycling

OceanTech provides a reuse-based, environmentally friendly, liability-free electronic recycling service that is designed to bring value back to our customers. We are committed to managing used and end-of-life electronics, components, and materials based on a reuse, recovery hierarchy of material management. Prior to reuse, equipment is sanitized of any data, tested for functions in accordance with regulations, and thoroughly cleaned.


"No Landfill" Policy

Our strict “No Landfill” policy applies to all electronic received. We are audited regularly by both internal processes and external organizations.



The maintenance of OceanTech’s certifications means our environmental, health, safety, and security procedures have been stringently inspected and certified by an independent third-party auditor. You can rest assured that OceanTech’s practices are in keeping with its certificates.


Certificate of Destruction

A certificate of destruction (CoD) is a document that states receipt and compliant destruction of confidential data.



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