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"Ship-to-Us" Program

As a leader in the ITAD industry, OceanTech has developed the “Ship-to-Us” program to help everyone from independent contractors to IT Managers and CTOs easily manage their IT hardware. The program allows you to send your laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, and peripherals directly to our facility from anywhere, whether an on-site, satellite office, or retail location.

The same data destruction and reporting procedures (including a full report of all items apply to our “Ship-to-Us” programs as our other ITAD services. OceanTech’s advanced tracking, sorting, and destruction process will leave you with peace of mind when you ship your gear to us!

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All equipment received will be processed in adherence with all R2: 2013 provisions.

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We follow a strict, no-landfill policy by focusing on value recovery first

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High-frequency shipments ensure value is maximized and costs are kept low

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OceanTech provides transparent pricing - shipping is available through your company account

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A flat rate structure keeps invoicing easy to manage and track

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Shipping labels and materials are provided for easy packing

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Increased security with tamper-proof boxes and labels

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Shipments are covered by a money-back guarantee and carrier insurances

How it works

OceanTech’s “Ship-to-Us” program is simple and easy, regardless of whether you need to ship large enterprise equipment or individual use items.

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Network Switches

The full-service Ship to Us program provides our clients a way to get equipment properly packed up for safe and secure transport. We will send the appropriate boxes and packing materials. The chart shows the rates and options for boxes.

Size Dimensions Description
Extra-small 11x8x6 - 12x12x4 - 12x12x6 Cell phones, tablets
Small 18x12x6 - 18x12x8, 18x18x9 - 20x20x10 Computer, monitor, cables, and peripherals
Medium 18x18x12, 20x20x16, 22x22x16 Fits 2 computers, 2 monitors, cables
Printer 24x16x16, 20x20x15, 24x24x20 Bag to prevent ink/toner from leaking
Large Custom Other IT devices

The assisted service program provides the same benefits with an added feature. We will work with you to coordinate the shipment and create labels. Your dedicated account representative will work with you to confirm the materials needed. 

Keep your workspace free of clutter and expedite your IT asset disposition by sending your equipment to us! Using this process guarantees the highest value recovery, as items are processed promptly, and will not lose value by sitting for a long period of time. Simply box, and ship-we will take care of the rest.


The landscape of how and where people work is changing. OceanTech is here to provide the solutions you need to ensure your data is safe, and help you efficiently manage your IT assets, no matter what that landscape looks like to you.

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