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Finding a Trusted ITAD Partner

Feb 17, 2021

Trust is a hard thing to build no matter your company size, whether you're a financial advisor, loan issuer, or ITAD service provider; whatever your specialty is, making people trust you is the single most important factor you need to solve in order to grow you business

Of course, finding the right IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) partner can be a daunting challenge. Companies simply can't afford to toss IT assets in the dumpster behind the facility - in fact, dumping assets is a surefire way to land your company in hot water with regulators and expose yourself to significant legal liability. Neither is it simply about disposal - the best ITAD companies help their clients with data sanitization, parts harvesting, as well as repair and reuse of equipment.

Because, the process is often  complex and detail-oriented, top ITAD companies will work closely with their partners throughout. While that level of support is critical to successful outcomes, not all ITAD companies are the same. It's incumbent on your business to choose the right partner in the first place.

Market Definitions: Global IT Asset Disposition Market

IT asset disposition is a process in which obsolete or unwanted equipment is disposed in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner. ITAD suppliers are specialized in streamlining IT asset disposal while minimizing expensed and maximizing loss recovery. Enterprises with worn out ancient equipment are frequently confronted with choices about refurbishing or reselling, recycling or disposing of company machinery. 

Market Drivers

  • Rising demand for information and data security for old assets. 

  • Growing adoption of electronic devices such as laptops, mobiles and tablets is propelling the market growth. 

  • Increasing technological advancements globally will boost the growth of the market.

  • Value recovery from outstanding assets also acts as a market driver. 

Does the ITAD Company Offer Full-Life Cycle Management

From initial planning to final coordination, the best ITAD companies will assist you at each stage of the disposition process, whether you are decommissioning a data center or undertaking a refresh cycle. The reality is that managing data center hardware effectively is not a one-time deal but an ongoing focus. A top IT asset disposition firm will work with you as a full-service partner through the life cycle of your data center hardware and related equipment.

While the focus throughout should remain on security and compliance, the best ITAD companies will simultaneously be working to return meaningful revenue to your firm's IT budget. A top-performing ITAD will closely track the resale markets and ensure that top values are achieved for resold parts in a way that puts your best interests first.

Does the ITAD Have Appropriate Certifications in Place

It's important to properly check the credentials of an ITAD company and to ensure that the vendor is knowledgeable in the industry. In some cases, especially around such issues as the data sanitization of used storage drives, you may be subject to regulatory compliance. Hire an ITAD company that not only knows what it's talking about but can implement a complex disposition plan with rigor and accountability.

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We made the 2021 Inc. 5000 List

We made the 2021 Inc. 5000 List

OceanTech embodies America’s entrepreneurial spirit and the power of perseverance and has reached the pinnacle of success during a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

How ITAD Reduces Costs

How ITAD Reduces Costs

Large technology companies operate data centers at a scale that’s difficult to imagine, even for those in the industry. New IT assets are what keep these organizations running. On top of the constant need for the latest, cutting-edge hardware, IT leaders in these organizations are keenly aware of the sensitive personal data that will be stored on those assets.

Why ITAD. The legal case

Why ITAD. The legal case

No two companies are exactly alike, so no two companies will have the same motivations to work with an ITAD provider. However, most companies fall into three primary categories: Legal, Ethical/Social, and Economics.
Today we’ll cover the legal reasons for ITAD; the laws that govern privacy and the penalties that follow if you don’t follow them. Most of them will cover data privacy, but there are also environmental laws you should consider.

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