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Make every day – earth day

Apr 21, 2021


In today’s age, it’s hard to deny the impact humans are having on the environment. It’s nearly impossible to refute the evidence of climate change. Being socially aware and responsible is no longer the work of scientists and environmental groups, but rather a growing expectation for both individuals and companies….today, and every day.

There is a difference between following environmental laws, heeding best practice suggestions, and volunteering to be a leader in social responsibility. In recent years more and more companies are adhering to the laws, following suggestions, and striving to be industry innovators in regards to social responsibility and sustainability.


How does IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) fit into social responsibility? ITAD is the secure and compliant process of removing IT hardware with financial and environmental best practices in mind. Environmental impacts are one of the critical reasons for secure IT asset disposition.

Adoption of industry-recognized compliance standards ranked as a key factor in choosing a third-party vendor.  Some questions to ask before selecting an ITAD vendor:

  • How important are the factors in motivating the creation of your current end-of-life IT asset disposition strategy?
  • Does your company budget for ITAD?
  • Does your company have a formal corporate social responsibility or sustainability program in place?
  • Do you report the progress of your corporate social responsibility or sustainability program?
  • Do you include the impact of your IT asset disposition program in your environmental reporting?

If your impact on the environment is very much in the collective consciousness, and good practices related to social responsibility is something your business strives for, contact OceanTech to see how we can help you make Every Day - Earth Day.

Four reasons to work with an ITAD that you shouldn’t ignore

Four reasons to work with an ITAD that you shouldn’t ignore

When you have a medical issue, you likely go to the doctor.
If you’re having car trouble, you see a mechanic. If you have complicated taxes, you probably have them prepared by a CPA.
Why? Because they’re experts, and you can trust those experts. You want your health, vehicles, taxes and more handled by professionals. The same can be said by your ITAD program and why you should work with a professional ITAD company.

Three Ways to Make Your Data Center More Energy Efficient

Three Ways to Make Your Data Center More Energy Efficient

Every day is a good reminder that we should all come contribute to conserving energy, minimizing waste, and protecting our planet’s natural resources. With a keen awareness of your data center, you can reduce costs, decrease environmental impact, and improve efficiency.

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