IT Asset Disposition

OceanTech is an industry leader in IT asset disposition offering services in data center decommissioning, certified data destruction, compliance reporting and R2 environmentally responsible electronics recycling throughout North America.

We offer full service data center de-installation as well as complete removal of equipment from server rooms and office workstations. OceanTech is experienced working in data center co-locations and live environments and our teams have completed multiple data center projects including complete removal of servers, wiring and hardware, right down to the bare floor of the facility.

OceanTech’s warehouses are fully secured facilities where we test, evaluate, remarket and ship electronics in addition to our state-of-the-art data wiping and erasing.

In addition to our wide network of remarketing channels and licensed recyclers, which allows us to pay more for your retired assets, we offer convenient, nationwide logistics and full-service arrangements.

OceanTech believes that reuse is the best form of recycling and we follow a strict “no landfill” policy. We use best practices for environmentally friendly and responsible recycling, and we maximize material recovery for re-use. When you work with OceanTech, your equipment is being responsibly retired without risking your security or reputation.

Vetted, Experienced and Insured Technicians

You can be assured that all OceanTech employees who enter your facility and who handle your equipment are properly vetted and fully insured. OceanTech has obtained the highest insurance coverage in the industry which includes coverage for professional liability and data loss.

All OceanTech employees are subject to comprehensive background checks. This means that when OceanTech agrees to handle your project, you can be confident that you will have only our full-time properly vetted employees onsite and only employees who are qualified to handle your specific project will enter your facility.

OceanTech brings years of experience along with all the proper credentials that reputable vendors in the industry should have, so you can be assured knowing that you are hiring a company who is not only familiar with but also prides themselves in data center security and the expected protocol and processes of working in a highly secured and state-of-the-art facility.

Total Risk Mitigation

Our expertise is mitigating our clients’ risk by eliminating environmental liabilities and ensuring complete data security.  OceanTech’s procedures follow very strict processes to increase your level of security and lower any potential risk, nearly eliminating the possibility of a security breach.

Our process exceeds all local, federal and international standards and data destruction regulations. We comply with R2 standards for data security, which means that absolutely no data may leave our secure facility without first being overwritten, sanitized or physically destroyed. OceanTech also complies with and exceeds the expectations of the NIST Special Publication 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization as well as the implementation of DoD 5220.22-M standards.

At OceanTech, we utilize a patent-pending wiping solution that is consistent in all of our data sanitation and data destruction processes. OceanTech guarantees that sensitive data is non-recoverable. We are extremely confident in our guarantee – we regularly perform Quality Control checks by sending randomly selected equipment to Kroll Ontrack for expert recovery attempts and they have yet to recover any data on any device sent by us for testing.

For further protection of client privacy, we also remove any asset tags or proprietary labels on equipment.

Secure Transportation and Chain of Custody

Whether you need to retire just a few devices, or an entire building’s worth of servers, data centers, and office work stations, OceanTech offers a secure chain of custody from pick-up to completion.

We only ship your equipment in our own secure vehicles and all shipments are sealed before leaving the data center to ensure every load is tamperproof. All vehicles are tracked via GPS from departure until arriving at our facility for final destruction.

Once the equipment arrives at our secure facility, our clients can monitor and keep track of their assets through our secure client portal. Our custom reporting and tracking system allows you to monitor your assets from pick-up to completion.

Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting

During the entire decommission procedure, we track and catalogue your assets. Once the equipment arrives at our secure facility, our clients can monitor and keep track of their assets through our secure client portal. Our custom reporting and tracking system allows you to monitor your assets from pick-up to completion.

Once the data destruction has been successfully completed, OceanTech will issue a Certificate of Data Destruction to the client that details the make, model, and serial number of each asset that has been secured, sanitized or destroyed. The Certificate of Data Destruction will meet all of your audit requirements for proper data removal and destruction procedures.

Any reports and certificates issued by OceanTech may be stored on our secure online portal for client reference or retrieval at a later date.

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