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Top Minnesota R2 Certified Electronics Recycler


As the electronics recycling industry and interest in recycling electronics continues to grow, standards are being developed to help companies evaluate recycling services and to help recycling services achieve compliance with all applicable laws and best practices. This type of guidance and structure is very important to any growing industry.

At OceanTech we embrace these efforts within our industry as helping to define the technical requirements and service levels for our business. That’s why we’re very proud to announce that we have completed the protocol and provided all necessary documentation to be certified as an R2 Certified Recycler.

As an R2-certified company, we are committed to a Reuse, Recover, Energy Recovery process. We believe in the importance of responsible management of outdated electronics, and we are pleased to be able to offer quality recycled electronics to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations that need them.

Becoming R2 Certified is a pretty important achievement because we have met standards that were created for the electronics recycling industry by a multi-disciplinary panel that has included representatives of the U.S. EPA, state regulatory agencies, the electronics recycling industry and their trade association. The standards were also developed with input from non-governmental organizations, equipment manufactures, and customers of recycling services.

The R2 Standard sets forth requirements relating to all the environmental, health, safety, and security aspects of the electronics recycling business. R2 also requires e-recyclers to assure that more toxic material streams are managed safely and responsibly by downstream vendors. It also prohibits e-recyclers and their downstream vendors from exporting these more toxic materials to countries that have enacted laws making their import illegal.

At OceanTech we’re proud to participate in meeting standards that are important to our customers, to environmental protection, and to the professionalism of our industry.

Highest Value Buyback

Maximize on the value

"No Landfill" Policy

Our strict “No Landfill” policy applies to all electronic received. We are audited regularly by both internal processes and external organizations.



The maintenance of OceanTech’s certifications means our environmental, health, safety, and security procedures have been stringently inspected and certified by an independent third-party auditor. You can rest assured that OceanTech’s practices are in keeping with its certificates.


Certificate of Destruction

A certificate of destruction (CoD) is a document that states receipt and compliant destruction of confidential data.



We’ll price match any manufacturer’s quote for any IT equipment, paid in cash. We’ll also beat any other R2 certified electronics recycler’s offer by 10% for our white glove IT asset disposal services, including on-site pickups, asset recovery, decommission, data erasure, and asset tracking.

Contact us now and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Integrating Risk Management

Integrating Risk Management

In today’s digital world, all organizations face IT risks irrespective of their size. ITAD entails getting rid of unwanted or obsolete IT resources in an ecologically-responsible and safe manner. It’s an important part of risk management and should be incorporated into your company’s corporate data security strategy.

Considering ITAD or Recycling?

Considering ITAD or Recycling?

What if we said you might be sitting on value you don’t even know is there? Now what if we told you that there is value in the old IT Assets and Electronics sitting in your IT closet just waiting to be replaced or upgraded?

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