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What are your options to recycle old servers?

Mar 15, 2021

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Do you have data center equipment that isn't performing adequately? Is it time to replace it with newer, proficient hardware? Getting rid of those old servers means careful IT asset disposal must be implemented. What are your options? 

  • Work with a vendor that deals in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD); they will be able to reuse, recycle or discard old equipment. OceanTech provides all of these services and can help you recover value from a large variety of IT assets.

  • Donating to charity is another option. It offers a tax benefit based on the value of the equipment, it moves the gear off your site and it helps a needy business.

No matter which option you choose, remember to securely remove data before disposing of or donating servers. 

Many organizations opt for centralized storage for fear of data leakage when they dispose of hard drives. Removing local disks also removes the opportunity to leak important data. Protect corporate data assets by unistalling apps and operating systems before using software tools to overwrite the contents of the disk, therefore scrubbing it clean of information. 

Eliminate and destroy local hard disks. This can be done by a data destruction service. Every data containing device that passes through an OceanTech facility receives compliant data destruction. OceanTech follows a strict process to ensure data security and complete risk mitigation is achived, because deleting data isn't enough; it is imperative that local data is not recoverable.

Four reasons to work with an ITAD that you shouldn’t ignore

Four reasons to work with an ITAD that you shouldn’t ignore

When you have a medical issue, you likely go to the doctor.
If you’re having car trouble, you see a mechanic. If you have complicated taxes, you probably have them prepared by a CPA.
Why? Because they’re experts, and you can trust those experts. You want your health, vehicles, taxes and more handled by professionals. The same can be said by your ITAD program and why you should work with a professional ITAD company.

Three Ways to Make Your Data Center More Energy Efficient

Three Ways to Make Your Data Center More Energy Efficient

Every day is a good reminder that we should all come contribute to conserving energy, minimizing waste, and protecting our planet’s natural resources. With a keen awareness of your data center, you can reduce costs, decrease environmental impact, and improve efficiency.

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