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Why Your Business Should Partner With an R2 Certified ITAD Recycler

Feb 2, 2021

When it comes to disposing of your electronic waste, choosing an R2 Certified ITAD company can give you greater control of your liabilities and the risks that can occur to your business, data, and brand. We know you don’t want to have to worry about where your business’s electronic equipment ends up once you’re done using it, or about picking through all your inventory to figure out where the value is.  Working with an R2 Certified ITAD Recycler gives you the peace of mind that all of your risks are covered and you’ll never be surprised by fines or unflattering press coverage because your assets wound up in the wrong hands.

Organizations seeking IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services are increasingly familiar with the advantages R2 certification brings to the service provider selection process. This standard creates a baseline for performance in a number of operational areas.  Requiring third-party verification by an accredited certification body creates a mechanism for recyclers to demonstrate their facility meets these performance requirements.  ITAD service providers that have achieved certification have demonstrated their facilities meet each of the 13 provisions of the R2 Standard, including:

  • An Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) be in place

  • Adherence to the "Reuse, Recover, Dispose" hierarchy of material management

  • Recyclers and downstream vendors meet all legal requirements

  • On-Site environmental, health and safety monitoring and action

  • Management of Focus Materials (FMs), both on-site and by downstream vendors

  • Equipment and component reuse requirements

  • Throughout tracking of all material in, and out of the facility

  • Data destruction methods

  • Requirements for storage of equipment

  • Adequate facility security

  • Insurance, closure plan and financial instruments

  • Packing and transport of equipment and material

  • Recordkeeping requirements

If you’re seeking ITAD services, you can use R2 certification in one of two ways.  First, if you do not intend to do a first-hand audit of a recycler or ITAD service provider, third-party certification provides a level of confidence that the facility has been audited by a third-party professional and the facility met the best practices laid out in the R2 Standard.  Alternatively, for those that do intend to perform on-site assessments of potential ITAD service providers, R2 certification can be used as a baseline qualification.  Then, you’re only considering a highly-qualified pool of ITAD service providers.

Choosing an R2 Certified Company as your ITAD partner is one easy and important step you can take to protect your business and brand.

Four reasons to work with an ITAD that you shouldn’t ignore

Four reasons to work with an ITAD that you shouldn’t ignore

When you have a medical issue, you likely go to the doctor.
If you’re having car trouble, you see a mechanic. If you have complicated taxes, you probably have them prepared by a CPA.
Why? Because they’re experts, and you can trust those experts. You want your health, vehicles, taxes and more handled by professionals. The same can be said by your ITAD program and why you should work with a professional ITAD company.

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