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Data security is one of the more challenging issues facing the IT world. Rampant information theft has most big data companies on guard. Vendors assisting with ITAD have a responsibility to prevent a security breach when equipment is in the vendor’s custody. After a data center decommission or IT equipment pickup, the transportation process is one of the most critical steps in protecting sensitive data contained within the hardware. Vendors should always have a consistent, secure chain of custody in place when transporting IT acquisitions.

Utilizing a chain of custody for data security and cyber crime prevention

An effective chain of custody establishes solid protocols that account for every step from transport to complete data destruction. From the moment the equipment leaves the facility of origin, it should be in custody of a consistent transportation team. That team must maintain a rigorous set of standards that are trackable and reliable at any point. GPS tracking is crucial for constant monitoring of the location and timeframe. A designated courier in possession of the cargo should be available for constant communication. This places accountability on a smaller, more focused party. This also enables any changes to be traceable in case sudden issues require resolution. When it comes to data security, time is of the essence.

Prevent external damage in addition to maintaining data security

Security is the number one priority in any chain of custody. However, a client’s assets can be highly valuable and must be protected from physical damage. In addition to GPS tracking, environmental factors require control and monitoring. Climate control is a major environmental factor that can impact IT equipment. Temperature extremes can melt or damage the delicate components within most hardware.It’s possible to employ a chain of custody to track the temperatures and monitor any fluctuations to preserve the value return on the equipment. Another factor suitable for monitoring is shock, providing real-time measurements of how much motion from the terrain and other factors. This enables adjustments to be made as necessary within the chain of custody. Transporting IT equipment has its share of risks. Clients should be able to rely on their chosen vendor to guarantee a safe and secure transport.IT asset management doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety for companies or vendors. Modern technology provides vendors the tools to do the job while prioritizing those qualifications. Establishing strict guidelines for a secure chain of custody puts those tools into action.
Integrating Risk Management

Integrating Risk Management

In today’s digital world, all organizations face IT risks irrespective of their size. ITAD entails getting rid of unwanted or obsolete IT resources in an ecologically-responsible and safe manner. It’s an important part of risk management and should be incorporated into your company’s corporate data security strategy.

Considering ITAD or Recycling?

Considering ITAD or Recycling?

What if we said you might be sitting on value you don’t even know is there? Now what if we told you that there is value in the old IT Assets and Electronics sitting in your IT closet just waiting to be replaced or upgraded?

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