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In a day and age when companies of all sizes depend upon electronic media for their most important business operations, all the data created by this equipment needs to be securely protected. But at the end of its lifecycle, it also needs to be securely destroyed. You may have important information that you are not interested in sharing with anyone. Your company has legal requirements for data destruction, particularly if you operate on a global scale where different countries and different regions can have different legal requirements concerning destroying data.

So the importance of destroying all data would seem to be obvious. Yet according to the Information Commissionary’s Office (ICO), as many as 10% of all secondhand hard drives sold over the internet still hold personal information. And it’s not just individuals who fail to destroy all data, it’s businesses as well. 


It’s important for any organization to consider several important factors before they choose how to destroy the old data:

  • Time

    Is this something the company regularly does or has it stockpiled old data storage equipment to do a large amount at once? Knowing how much time you want to spend on data destruction can influence the choice of method.

  • Cost

    Can your company afford to get rid of old equipment? Or is it interested in reusing older electronic media for new purposes? Again, the answer to this question will determine the type of destruction method you want to use.

  • Validation and Certification

    If you are destroying data because it’s a legal requirement or a regulatory issue within your industry, make sure the method you choose allows you to show that you have met any standards or requirements for data destruction.

Once you know the answers to these questions, your business can choose an appropriate way to destroy old data.

OceanTech’s Destruction on Demand (DoD) service is the industry’s most versatile nationwide onsite data destruction solution.  Our data destruction team is made up of veteran experts that have a combined 30+ years in data destruction and data security experience.

Let our experts provide you with a free consultation on how OceanTech DoD services can meet your organization’s data destruction needs and possibly save you millions of dollars.

How to prevent overheating in the data center

How to prevent overheating in the data center

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Proper Disposal of IT assets

Proper Disposal of IT assets

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The importance of R2v3 Certification

The importance of R2v3 Certification

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