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Last month we discussed the number 1 reason to work with an ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) partner which is Risk Management and Mitigation. This month we will discuss the remaining 3 core reasons to work with an ITAD company.

Green IT

Green IT is a close second when it comes to reasons for working with an ITAD company. While, of course, you want to mitigate risk and ensure your customer and employee data is safe, there’s also a duty to the environment when you’re working with IT assets. You want to avoid these items ending up in landfills. Toxic waste material makes up nearly 70% of landfills. When you partner with an ITAD company, they will handle the Green IT piece of ITAD and work to avoid adding to that 70%. 



Reuse is an excellent option for Green IT practices because it extends the life of the equipment. Why does it matter? It reduces the need to manufacture another one, which minimizes the use of natural resources. The company you partner with will either refurbish the equipment themselves or find a credible solution to do so. 



An ITAD company will handle the resale of this equipment once it’s been properly decommissioned and refurbished. They should also work to get you the best price possible. 



Lastly, your ITAD partner will recycle the equipment once it has reached a point of obsolescence and reuse just isn’t an option. When it comes to Green IT, recycling is the next best option because it converts the materials back into raw commodities, eliminating the need to mine ore for new equipment, which is one of the most damaging activities on the environment. Most professional ITAD companies also have a zero-landfill policy, guaranteeing that if it can be recycled, it will. 

Value Recovery

Other than data security and risk mitigation, your CEO is most concerned about this. Could you unplug your old computers, laptops, networking or server equipment and sell them yourself? Of course. Are you getting the best value for the recovery of those assets? Probably not. The reason for that is because when you work with an ITAD company, they have an established network of buyers, know what your assets are worth, have experience in buying and selling these types of equipment, and how to get the best value for you.


Have you ever heard the saying, “Let the experts handle it?” Well, in this case, it is best to let the experts handle it. You know your business better than anyone, and you are the experts in what you do. There’s a reason that ITAD companies are good at what they do; it’s because they’re experts and have the experience to back it up. With that experience comes additional benefits, like:

Cost Savings

While it’s hard to put a price on ensuring your company and customer data is secure and mitigating your overall risk, there are savings that come with working with an ITAD company. As we said, you may think you’re saving money by trying to tackle this on your own, but you’ll likely pay much more in the long run if something goes awry. We recommend factoring this into your budget upfront, so there’s no question about implementing a program and partnering with a vendor when the time comes. Beyond just the cost savings of avoiding lawsuits, fines, and loss of customers, plus the return you’ll get from selling the old assets, you’ll also save on:

  • Logistics: Your ITAD company will handle the logistics of getting the assets from point A to point B. They will or should have trucks, pallets, packing materials, the labor to remove the assets, etc.

  • Administrative Costs: By outsourcing your ITAD needs, the process is managed for you. You don’t have to pay an internal resource to oversee and manage the removal, disposal, and resale of these assets. By saving in this area, it can help offset the cost of hiring an ITAD vendor in the first place.

  • Resources: Could your IT Director manage your ITAD program? Most likely. But should they? Do you want to pay someone their salaried wage to be managing something that an ITAD partner will likely do for far less and with far more experience? 

Tracking and Reporting

As we mentioned above, another reason to work with an ITAD company is not having to track your assets once they’ve been unplugged and removed from your facility. Your partner should have a detailed account of each piece of equipment, serial number, where it’s at in the process, status, etc. That way, you and they know exactly where everything is, and you have an audit trail, should you need one.


Asset Management

Many ITAD companies will come to your location, properly remove the assets, package them, haul them away, wipe the data, and then handle the refurbishment or recycling of the equipment. It’s very easy to improperly remove assets, especially if you have a lot, which can damage them. By having an expert handle it, you reduce the risk of your assets being damaged and increase your chances of getting the most value for the recovery of those assets.

Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, this is something you can’t buy. By partnering with a reputable ITAD company, you can rest easy knowing that your assets, data, reputation, and company are all in good hands. While ITAD is something you can do in-house, that doesn’t mean you should. There’s a tremendous risk with doing so and your time, talents and resources are likely best spent focusing on your core business while the experts focus on their core business – ITAD.

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