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When you have a medical issue, you likely go to the doctor. If you’re having car trouble, you see a mechanic. If you have complicated taxes, you probably have them prepared by a CPA. Why? Because they’re experts, and you can trust those experts. You want your health, vehicles, taxes, and more handled by professionals. The same can be said for your ITAD program and why you should work with a professional ITAD company.

As you likely know, or have seen us discuss in other posts, ITAD, which stands for IT asset disposition, is the process of disposing of unwanted, excess, or obsolete electronic equipment safely and responsibly. When creating an ITAD program, whether in-house or working with an ITAD company, you want to ensure that it’s structured adequately so your organization’s risk is mitigated, the cost is minimized, and your value recovery is maximized.

ITAD should not be taken lightly, which is why it’s highly recommended that you partner with someone for at least part, if not all, of your program. There are many reasons why working with an ITAD company is considered best practice. We’ve bucketed them below into 4 main categories:

Risk Mitigation


Green IT


Value Recovery



Risk Management and Mitigation

Managing and mitigating risk is one of, if not the most important reasons to partner with an ITAD company vs. trying to tackle the process yourself. At the heart of ITAD, you’re disposing of IT assets that may or may not house important and sensitive information about your clients, your employees, or both. The ramifications of not disposing of this equipment properly and handling the data responsibly will be felt far and wide from damage to your brand, loss of trust from customers, fines, lawsuits, and more.

Data Security

It has been said that ITAD should always be viewed through the lens of data security first. ITAD is a critical prong in a data breach prevention strategy. If you don’t know how or aren’t disposing of your IT assets properly, your customer and employee data could be compromised.

If there is a breach or even the potential threat of a breach, not only is that data compromised, but so is your company’s brand reputation, which isn’t something that’s easily repaired. Not to mention you need to ensure you’re compliant with any data protection regulations.

For those of you attempting to erase the data in-house before disposing of the equipment, it’s important to note that research has shown about 40% of drives that companies think they’ve erased still contain data. In all reality, most companies don’t have a core competency in data erasure. That’s why a professional, certified ITAD service provider is a key partner.


Regulations and Compliance

There are rules and regulations around data protection and IT assets disposing on a state, federal, and international level. Beyond ensuring your data is protected, your ITAD company can help you create an audit trail or a detailed report of each item that came out of service. If you don’t have an audit trail, it’s hard to say with the utmost certainty and prove that you handled the disposal of these assets properly. Especially when it comes to handling customer data, you want to avoid a breach or the potential for one.


There’s a monetary risk at stake if you don’t handle your ITAD responsibly. Not only could you face fines or lawsuits, but your overall business could take a hit due to the loss of trust from customers.

Brand Reputation and Lawsuits

Think back the last several years to companies that have had data breaches. Maybe you still do business with them; perhaps you don’t. But if you’re a customer of theirs, is your trust ever fully restored? Money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy trust. Don’t put your brand, reputation, and revenue at stake. You might think that you’re saving money by trying to manage ITAD yourself or having a less than reputable company handle it, but you’ll pay much more in the long run if something goes wrong.

Physical Space

While this might not seem like an important reason, by having an ITAD company manage your program, you’ll free up space by not having old equipment and hardware sitting around. Why is that important? Well, not only does it matter for freeing up space, but if you have equipment lying around that’s not secured, and that hasn’t been appropriately wiped, someone could easily walk off with that asset and gain access to that data. Or you could just simply lose track of the asset. It might be stuck in an empty office somewhere, safe as can be. But if you don’t know exactly where that computer is, you can’t guarantee that the information and data on it haven’t been compromised.

Stay tuned next month as we delve into the remaining 3 reasons your company should be working with an ITAD company.

Effective ITAD strategies for Data Centers

Effective ITAD strategies for Data Centers

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, businesses frequently encounter the need to retire their data center hardware. Such scenarios often arise when companies decide to shut down all or part of a data center operation. The process of decommissioning a data center is riddled with logistical intricacies, and among these, planning for the disposition of retired assets stands out as a crucial aspect. The dismantling of data center equipment without a well-thought-out strategy for reuse, remarketing, or secure disposal can lead to a host of problems.

Enhance Risk Management with ITAD

Enhance Risk Management with ITAD

Organizations are rapidly transitioning their communication systems, data storage infrastructure, and administrative functions to the digital realm, all in pursuit of maintaining a competitive edge. However, this shift toward a technologically advanced world exposes companies to higher risks of cybersecurity threats and data breaches. In essence, your business’s sensitive data is vulnerable at any given moment. Therefore, a well-rounded risk management strategy must include a robust ITAD plan to mitigate your company’s overall risk.

Enhancing Data Center Sustainability Through ITAD

Enhancing Data Center Sustainability Through ITAD

In the rapidly evolving landscape of data center operations, sustainability has emerged as a paramount concern. One of the linchpins of this sustainability drive within data centers is the practice of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), a multifaceted process that plays a pivotal role in ensuring both ecological responsibility and data security.

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