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Research into the IT management industry reveals a significant fact. The reason most companies cite for deciding to implement an ITAD strategy is fear about data security.It makes sense that companies want a solid plan in place to protect sensitive information. They must keep track of creation and destruction of data and maintain a record of the IT asset disposition strategy through online reporting. ITAD Vendors can provide ample data security and ensure that a company is never without the critical management they need.Additionally, having an active ITAD solution is one of the keys to maintaining environmental compliance when turning over obsolete equipment. Rather than selling to a careless third-party, companies have the option of finding an ITAD vendor compliant with major certifications. This ensures the recycling process complies with state and national e-waste and recycling laws.

Reputable ITAD Vendors Create Reports

Because of the complexity of the procedure and the high volume of equipment, reporting is a major part of an ITAD strategy. Clients need to be able to track their own data destruction process and have the results in writing. Reporting also confirms that step-by-step procedures have been met. It generates solid data as proof of the disposal of all IT assets, ensuring responsible wiping.There are plenty of unreliable, negligent ITAD vendors who put clients at risk for fines, theft, or other negative ramifications by not tracking and ensuring the process. A reputable service provider will take measures to record each step and provide verifiable reports to the client.

Online ITAD Reporting is the Critical Measure

It’s not enough to simply create a report on paper, yet many ITAD providers still use this method of reporting. As a result, companies seeking a reliable methodology for managing IT equipment benefit from full online reporting. An accessible online portal is a tremendous benefit.Online ITAD reporting is critical for a successful strategy in today’s climate of constant connectivity. It guarantees that no corners are cut at any stage. Clients with access to their own equipment’s status can provide an extra set of eyes and secure reports for future retrieval and reference. Furthermore, the data contains more information than modern companies would require for paper-format reports. Additional factors like outstanding balances, future requests, and errors or irregularities are more accessible in an online report.ITAD done correctly guarantees security, compliance, and maximum value return. In short, working with a vendor who exclusively uses online ITAD reporting is the only way to truly assure meeting these critical needs.
Integrating Risk Management

Integrating Risk Management

In today’s digital world, all organizations face IT risks irrespective of their size. ITAD entails getting rid of unwanted or obsolete IT resources in an ecologically-responsible and safe manner. It’s an important part of risk management and should be incorporated into your company’s corporate data security strategy.

Considering ITAD or Recycling?

Considering ITAD or Recycling?

What if we said you might be sitting on value you don’t even know is there? Now what if we told you that there is value in the old IT Assets and Electronics sitting in your IT closet just waiting to be replaced or upgraded?

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